As far as being a raider goes, I’m a pretty late bloomer. ICC has been the first raid in which I’ve fully participated as a member of a raid team and was not just pugging in when I could get a spot for a group NOT looking for achievement links. I finished Nax 10m once before Ulduar was released, never made it past Mimron when I finally made it to Ulduar and only recently cleared through Trial of the Crusader. While most people have been working through ICC for seven months now, I really only started getting my roots through the door two months ago. So, while a majority of the WoW community is feeling that pre-expansion burn-out, are banging their heads on HLK25m, I’m merrily making my first attempts at fights like Blood Princes and Sindragosa on regular 10 man ICC and just loving every minute of it.

The guild I raid with, Magically Malicious is a young guild, being about three or so months old.  I only recently joined their ranks to fill in with Team 3’s 10 man group. Currently, MM has four ten man groups that have been working through ICC for about one month ( Team 1 & 2 about two weeks or so longer than the other two teams). Of the four groups, three of them are 8/12 in 10man ICC regular with Blood Wing and Sindy being the only thing that stands in our way of facing the LK.

Are we behind the power curve? Well, I guess that depends on who you ask. For a new guild, with teams that are still learning to work together and seeing fights for the first time, then no, I’d say we are riding right along at a steady pace.  Does the 20% buff mean we are slackers, noobs, lolfacerollers, wannaberaiders? If that is how you feel about it, okay you are entitled to that, but that buff has allowed us to bring in people that were maybe in need of some gear/spec/etc. upgrades and changes to fill out our teams and have fun while downing current content. In our little corner of the raiding scene we cheer each other on to the next boss kill and that inevitable show down with the Lich King.

Now on to some cheering! After several attempts on our first night and three more last night, Team 3 made our first kill on Professor Putrcide getting a majority of our team their Plague wing achievement! From there we headed over to Dreamwalker and rescued her on our first try. Having about an hour left for our raid night we decided to let Sindy be for now and gave the Princes a visit. Unfortunately, the Princes did get the better of us and smashed our lack of raid awareness in our faces. Keleseth didn’t like cooperating with our tank and when we decided that I’d boomer tank him, well yah he didn’t like that plan too much either. It is quite the trick to get all those orbs on you, pray that dps don’t hit them by accident and stay out of crap on the floor. We made some good attempts on them, getting to about 40% on our second try, so I know we can do it! So, /cheer for Team 3, you guys did an amazing job last night and we will have the Princes begging for mercy next week for sure!



nom nom nom... nom?

Looks like Bliz has released some official talent changes for Druids to some of the larger fan sites. Head over the MMO Champ for a full list on the purposed changes. Please remember that this is still Alpha and we have a LONG way to go before we step into Cataclysm so don’t take these changes as gospel as they are likely going to change again before a final version is decided upon.

Since every Druid/WoW blogger out there is going to be covering these changes, I will just comment on one –

Feral – Tenth tier: Nom Nom Nom [NNF]  – When you Ferocious Bite a target at or below 25% health, you have a 50/100% chance to instantly refresh the duration of your Rip on the target. (NNF – means name not final)

While the talent is actually really great, as it will finally make it viable to use FB in your rotation without the fear of Rip falling off while you restack those combo points, but the name is just too awesome to pass up! Kittah hungry time to chew your face off – Om nom nom nom! You have my full support Blizz, to keep this name as is!

In other news, I’m a noob to the whole blog thing so updates are going to be up slowly at first, but stick around and I promise I’ll have some good druid yummies for you to nom on XD

*Jumps in* Yeeehaw!

I don’t suppose jumping a bandwagon into the WoW blogging community will be the smartest thing I’ve ever done, but I’ve certainly done far worse. Not to mention do we honestly need another healer type person falling in with the ranks of all those great bloggers who already exists… But anywho, why the blog? Well, cause I’m a huge fan of the WoW blog community and want to try to be a part of it. I have lurked long enough and now step forward to the cliffs edge, though I’m still holding on to the guide rail!

So without futher ado, welcome to my little corner of the interwebs, I am Railena, commonly called Rai, an lvl 80 Alliance Night Elf Druid on the US Ravencrest server. Currently, I play mainly as Restoration in <Magically Malicious> and run with my guild’s 10 and 25 man raid teams. I have played all aspects of the druid class, though I enjoy restoration and feral dps the best. I suppose I’m relatively “new” to the WoW scene as I’ve only been playing since Sept 08 but I like to think I have a fairly well rounded comprehension for several of the different classes in game. When I am not raiding, I enjoy leveling alts and currently have four level 80 characters – Railena- Resto/FeralKitty Druid, Hartstrike – Surv/BM Hunter, Clariti – Holy/Ret Pally, and Marrabell – Disc/Facemelter Priest – along with several other up and coming baby toons. As I do enjoy healing most of all, one of my main plans is to have a healer of every class so I can better understand my fellow life savers. As of right now, a Resto Shaman is the only healer class I lack and plan to level one once Cat comes out – yay for something other than a space goat shaman!

I’m not the theory crafting, number crunching, Min/Max type, so you will not see any of that here unless I’m simply regurgitating it from those smarter in that field than I happen to be. I may post guides, though there are already several others out there who have done a wonderful job with that sort of thing as well. Really, I’m not completely sure what I intend to include, perhaps – my thoughts, pictures, gripes, laughs, joy, my experience with the different classes, a little informative banter tossed it for good measure and maybe some non WoW related topics here and there.

As far as the IRL stuff goes, I’m an almost 30, married to the military, owner of two Jack Russells and a spastic cat, gamer geek, cartoonish doodler, part time collage, full time worker that procrastinates way too much, is prone to going off on tangents and not making sense so you have been warned, kinda gal. Yup, that’s me in a nut shell. Again welcome to the BarkSkinInn, where we’ve been Tree Punching drunken adventurers since 2008.